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Käfer & Engelbart

3D Graphic Design

We produce 3D graphics of all kinds and in many different levels of detail for you. Whether it's animated logos, simple objects or textured high-resolution models, we can create 3D graphics to your specifications.
We attach great importance to active communication and feedback with our customers so that the best possible result can be achieved.

Whether it's just sculpting or modeling, or if you want a fully fleshed out digital model including textures, rig and animations, we can work with you to determine an individual project scope. Even if you already have existing projects, we are happy to develop or complete them after initial discussion and assessment.

One of Our Projects

On the basis of the following project, our work processes are explained in order to give you a practical insight into our working methods:

First, we dedicate ourselves to your project request and send you an assessment. This is to show you what we have in mind, or how we would implement your already more concrete request. Upon request, we will be happy to hold a personal meeting with you.

This project is a model with a high level of detail and associated realistic textures. At the beginning we make a concept drawing or you send us an already existing one, which corresponds to your ideas. In this case we use an excellent concept drawing from Koko Liem:

Concept Drawing


It is a detailed drawing, which allows us to work very close to the ideas of the customer. Subsequently, the process of modeling begins. We attach great importance to the quality of the model in order to prevent possible complications such as vertex duplicates or flipped normals. This guarantees high-performance objects that prevent unnecessarily long render times.

In the next step, we send you so-called pre-renders or, if you wish, project files so that you can be informed transparently about the progress of the project:

Render Without Texture

UV Unwrapping

After you have given your opinion and suggestions for improvement, the preparation for the creation of the textures begins.

Now the three-dimensional surfaces of the model are projected onto a two-dimensional texture, on which the correct textures are subsequently created. A high-quality 3D model pays off here, as it allows for simpler and better UV maps.

After this step, we will send you an intermediate state again, so you can see for yourself, before we create the actual textures:

UV Layout


Now that we have a good UV layout, let's start texturing. Here you can also send us a concept drawing, or you can leave it to our creativity.

We create high-resolution and detailed textures to make the model complete. Depending on your wishes, different textures such as metallic or roughness can be created to better round out the model.

The textures are projected back onto the 3D surface of the model in the final step to make it complete. Now we send you the result, but as at any other stage of development, we are happy to incorporate suggestions for improvement.

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, we will provide you with the project files together with the final render. The final render of this project is now completed:

Final Render

When Interested

If you are interested, or already have a project for us, please feel free to contact us by e-mail ( or by using the contact form.

We look forward to working with you!