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Käfer & Engelbart

We shape the IT of the future.

IT is crucial for enabling a successful business.
We empower your IT, laying the foundation for your success. Being a modern IT service provider, we help you navigate between bleeding-edge innovation and lasting quality.

About Us

We are a German IT services and consulting company with a wide range of experience within IT and its business requirements. With this experience, we enable our customers to meet business needs with customized IT solutions.

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Käfer & Engelbart IT-Dienstleistungen GbR


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What We Do

We provide services which can be broadly categorized in three main topics. In general, our solutions go beyond just technology, and take into account the wider scope of business needs.

Our Main Topics

Systems & Services

Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of our core specialities. With a broad skill set ranging from various programming languages and platforms to architecture styles and development methods, we carry out your implementation projects from beginning to end.

Software Infrastructure

We help you to take applications from development to production. As a part of this process, we solve security, availability and scalability needs. Backed by our own experience, we specfically focus on software that enables efficient software development with workflow patterns like DevOps.

Process Automation

Implementing automated processes as part of a bigger workflow environment is one of the hottest topics at this time. We provide our customers with customized approaches to developing or enhancing process infrastructure using standardized automation software as well as custom tailored solutions for niche applications.

Coaching & Consulting

IT Consulting and Strategy

We offer IT consulting on all layers of abstraction, ranging from technical implementation details to broad strategic decisions. Successful consulting is a process often initiated by an in-depth analysis of our customer's capabilities and needs. From this point on, we develop strategies that not only look good on paper, but also bring tangible results.

IT Project Management

We also offer our proven experience in IT project management as a service. In doing so, we can either manage customer projects completely, or contribute to load balancing as sub-project managers. We work in particular with agile project management methods, which are particularly promising in modern software projects.

Coaching and Trainings

We offer a wide range of online and in-house trainings on technical topics like programming langues and development methods. Our workshop attendees benefit from a hands-on learning experience tailored to their environment. In addition, we coach development teams to enable them achieve their goals.

Creative Solutions

Graphics Design

With our design know-how, we offer a complement to our development services with modern and elegant design work, ranging from logos over artworks and even developing whole corporate brandings. We most commonly do design work alongside implementation projects with a large visual component, e.g. during web development.

GUI Design and Mockups

Alongside the development of software drafts and frameworks, the graphical user interface is a core element of each application. Hence we offer our wide experience in creating visual software mockups and designing user interfaces in the most fluent and intuitive manner possible.

GUI Development

Every good application needs optimized and intuitive user interfaces. Our front-end development portfolio ranges from web development to mobile applications and desktop GUI frameworks. The most common use case for front-end development is alongside a bigger implementation project or as a clickable concept as part of the design process.

Our Customers