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The knowledge we have acquired over the years is also made directly available in the form of training courses. We place particular emphasis on conveying sound basic knowledge and sufficient time for practical exercises. In our opinion, these aspects are crucial for the success of the training.

The training courses can take place either at your premises (in house) or online. A small number of participants (< 8 persons) is recommended. The scope of the training can be determined individually.

Version Control with Git

In this training, you will learn how to use Git, the decentralized version management software that has become the industry standard in recent years. It is therefore particularly suitable for developers. In addition to the core content, the training can also refer to your individual situation, for example, the version management and project management processes established in your company.

The training starts with a basic introduction to the topic of version management. The special features of Git (decentralization, parallel development, etc.) are explained. Subsequently, the essential procedures in the operation of Git are explained, with which the participants can familiarize themselves directly in practice. This also includes working on several development branches, the mastery of which is particularly important for the use of Git in the company.

As the training progresses, reference can be made to a variety of topics depending on where your needs lie:

Git for Agile Software Development

The use of Git is particularly useful in agile software development. Developers who already have prior knowledge of Git learn here how to optimally version an agile software project. In addition, the training is also suitable for project managers who coordinate the development.

The focus of this training is on branching models, i.e. the scheme by which development branches are created and combined. With this knowledge, new features and bug fixes can be introduced into the development version in a structured way, without developers hindering each other. Also the publishing of releases and the bug fixing in older development states will be addressed.

Since agile software development in particular benefits from effective team collaboration, strategies for collaborative development are presented. Code review, which plays a crucial role in quality assurance, is also addressed.


Java has been one of the most important programming languages in commercial software development for quite some time. This training imparts Java knowledge according to your requirements: whether for programming beginners or experienced developers who want to get started in Java.

In addition to the language itself, reference can also be made to the ecosystem:

For developers who already have Java knowledge, the training can be organized with a focus on advanced topics (generics, streams, reflection, etc.). In this case, an agreement in advance is particularly useful to reduce redundancy in content.

Linux System Administration

If your company is growing and you are in the process of building an IT infrastructure or already have one, contact with Linux systems is inevitable. Building and deploying this expertise within your company can save you money and ensure smooth operations.

In this training, participants will learn the basics of system administration under Linux. This includes the setup of Linux servers, their maintenance, and the consideration of security-relevant aspects.

If desired, in addition to dealing with servers, the use of Linux for desktop systems can also be covered.

When Interested

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